Sunday, February 3, 2013

We, according to Me

About 'The Second Law of Thermodynamics' resulting in Life.

There is only energy (matter) in our universe; and at places
where there is more energy than in the near environment, it will
try to equalize itself, 'spread out'.

There are a few 'Universal Laws'; one of them is the fact that
energy has to equalize itself (The Second Law of Thermodynamics).

Our universe is expanding at this moment, and thus energy has to
fill up that bigger space (or as old-school taught 'tendency for
disorder or entropy increase'); that's why many things around us
disintegrates, tectonic plates drifting apart, planets moving
further apart (in general).

However, this 'overall tendency for disorder or entropy increase'
is just a result of energy's reaction on the (maybe temporarily-)
expanding universe and is not a Universal Law.
The Second Law of Thermodynamics can sometimes result in 'order to increase; entropy to decrease'.

For example: a river flowing down from a mountain can have a rock sticking out the water; behind that rock the water might flow
upstream... but the overall trend is still that water flows down
the mountain.
Along the same lines, The Second Law of Thermodynamics can permit order to arise; but the over-all trend is disorder.

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Life forms; they display disorder PLUS order... but life still
has to cope with the expanding universe and thus the 'overall
tendency for disorder or entropy increase' stays in effect.

Life forms display disorder PLUS order; all energy in our
universe is part of one- or more cyclic systems. Each 'living
thing' on earth is likewise a cyclic system.

Life behaves like 'running around in circles'; you become tired
but you're not getting anywhere! Yes, that includes human beings,
our purpose in this world kinda sucks.

For example: a tree is a 'cyclic system'.
The trunk, roots and leaves are formed which is an increase in
Evaporation of water while the sun shines on the leaves is
dissipating energy; and just like a rotting tree gives an
increase in disorder.

Does this mean it all leads nowhere? No.
Lo and behold; the scorching sunlight plus the scattered around
water, soil nutrients and minerals are now gracefully circling
around in what we call a 'forest' and all that energy (matter) is
more equally spreaded out than before.
Thanks to The Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Approximately 3,900,000,000 years ago, around our Earth's equator
there was much unequally divided energy/matter. Sunlight, water,
hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen; all scattered around.
Obviously, at that point in time and at that region, the
'activation energy' was reached for 'life' to begin.
It took around 1,800,000,000 years for the first cells to form, and
another 1,400,000,000 years before some simple animals appeared.

This 'Wonder of Life' and our universe having a 'flawless design'
is actually nothing more than many, many particles (energy
/matter) following some simple laws and repeating those over a
very, very long time.

Oh by the way; Probably the Big Bang never took place and neither will we ever reach the 'cosmic heat death'; our universe will
contract after reaching an 'activation energy', then expand again
Why? Because it's all about 'cyclic systems' and nothing in our
universe ever reaches extremes; not the speed of light, not a
temperature of zero Kelvin.
Movement never stops. Energy can not be destroyed. 

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